Happy Halloween

21:10, 11/01,2009

Yesterday is Halloween, and our landlords invited us to curve a pumpkin in the afternoon. After finished the pumpkin lamp, we had some apple donuts and roasted pumpkin seeds with them. At that time, we talked about different cultures between Taiwan and America. It's a kind of special experience because we don't have many chances to understand people's thoughts from another country. And this is also the first time we saw children knock the door and say "trick or treat!!", it's really interesting for us.

At the night, we went to a Halloween party held by TSA of SUNY at Albany, and everyone joined the party got to be costumed or would be punished. So, Mavis and I choosed to be a nurse and geisha, and in the party we saw angels, devils, pirates, and even SpongBob!! Although we don't meet much of them before the party, we stiil have a lot of fun, and they are really friendly. During the party, they did punished someone who didn't dress up well, and the Best Costume Prize was won by SpongBob!! It's not only an unforgettable night, but also a crazy night!!

Nurse & Geisha!!