Everyday Job Description - Week #4

Published on 12/22,2009


1.meeting with Suzanne in LI-140: she told us about  the process of Interlibrary Loan and introduced members.
2.Winnie introduced us ALEPH operaction & Ariel software(sendign article) and we were hands-on it.
3.Tim introduced  RapidILL which  is a unique resource sharing system that was designed by the Interlibrary Loan staff at Colorado State University Libraries.


1.Brain Keough, Head of SPE, introduced us special collections system LUNA  and their work process.
2.Brow Bag Lunch Faculty:converation/opportunities associated with working in an academic community in Standish Room
3.meeting with Mentor Winnie: we suggested the intern may have more hands-on activities


take class "academic library & higher education" Professor Frank at Draper Hall 303


take class "Digital Imaging and Web" Professor Fred Doyle at Draper Hall 015


1.meeting with Peter: told about process of journal scanning, compared with Odyeesy and Ariel
2.Winnie introduced us requests for ILL of statistic result.


Everyday Job Description - Week #4