Everyday Job Description - Week #5

Published on 12/22,2009


1.meeting with library systems members, Win, Meiling and John, disscued project context
2.meeting with Anna and Win- Professor Chiu schedule from 4 Nov. to 5 Nov.
3.Meiling introduced briefly the project what we do this week(check database indexs & journal Finder)


1.meeting with Irina Holden at SL-141:to know information literacy, her process and strategies of searching class
2. meeting with Mentor Winnie: we discussed our live and culture shack in U.S.
3.Meiling introduced conpect of link resolver on SUNY Library Database Indexs
4.internship-check the links of database indexs & journal Finder are available


take class "academic library & higher education" Professor Frank at Draper Hall 303


take class "Digital Imaging and Web" Professor Fred Doyle at Draper Hall 015


1.meeting with Mark Wolfe at SL-355: to know the process of translating data(vedio and audio) into digital form and LUNA system(digital asset management system)
2.to finish Meiling's project


Everyday Job Description - Week #5